19 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1961

  1. I like the Flying A gas sign there on the left. There is still a Flying A sign on the building at SE Tacoma and Highway 99 on the south side of the building.

  2. Jim if you Google search Corbett brothers auto storage garage you can read about it’s history on the national registry of historic places application.

  3. From the national registry ” The Corbett Brothers Auto Storage Garage was designed by A. E. Doyle in 1925. At the time of construction, it was Portland’s first self-service ramp garage. Vehicular access was off Pine Street. Storefronts were located on Sixth, Broadway and Pine. “

  4. The color of the building back in 1961 was right in the swing with today’s popular colors of grey & black for Portland brick structures.

  5. Jaymalea: I think the “.99” sign is possibly advertising the price for a carton of cigarettes. I see the word “Brands” at the top; but can’t make out what’s written on the bottom.

  6. From the national registry application: “There is some indication that as originally painted, the exterior was white with the stone trim in creme yellow. The overall effect is in – the Mediterrean spirit.-‘

  7. I see a Nash Metropolitan! I had one of those! A 1962, the last year they were made. I loved that car.

  8. Not trying to be a “Debbie Downer” but my opinion of the appropriateness of the building is not as positive as Jim and Susan’s. I think it looks like a Bastille. The cornice is a Romanesque revival style while the remainder of the building is 1920’s utilitarian. The storefront detailing has no clear style and was produced at the whim of the architects. I think it is a huge gray monolith guarding the north entrance to the downtown core. Not a very appealing gatehouse. I hope it has been seismically upgraded.

  9. Thanks Mike and Susan, now I want to go park on the top floor someday! I wonder how many older Portland structures that currently park cars (SW Salmon @ Park, NW Davis @11th…) were either built for that use or conversions. There ought to be a book….

  10. Vlad, I have to agree with you as to the parking garage’s esthetics. In those days it was a forbidding monster. I was surprised when I learned that it was designed by Doyle. It looks better in the current gray, and it would look even better in white and cream as described by Susan.

  11. Stunning to me that this view, from the intersection of two downtown arteries, can still be reproduced with nothing more than a chainsaw. Please don’t do that, of course, unless you’ve got grander plans for this underutilized lot.

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