NE 82nd Avenue, 1950

Mayor Dorothy McCullough Lee (center) with group, including individuals from the Blind School, crossing at NE 82nd Avenue and NE Glisan Street, 1950. Traffic Engineer Fred Fowler is immediately behind the Mayor.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2005-001.1131.


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9 thoughts on “NE 82nd Avenue, 1950

  1. Fred Fowler received an honorary cane and a ceramic burrow from the School of the Blind as a token of gratitude for his installation of a special traffic signal for blind and deaf people at the intersection. Until 1952, the School of the Blind was located on NE 84th and Glisan. Prior to the special traffic signal, the intersection of 82nd and Glisan was known to the blind as “Death Valley”.

  2. That probably is real mink. Not seen too much today. Every picture I have ever seen of Mayor Lee presents a woman who is distinguished and ultra refined. Classy would be another adjective but that would be a wee bit redundant.

  3. Various entry’s in Kimbark MacColl’s volumes tell of DML and what a vanguard leader she was …Portland’s “iron lady”.

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