NE Broadway, 1929

A “number man” outside the Irvington Theatre on the corner of NE Broadway and NE 14th Avenue, 1929. For more information on the “number man,” please click here.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2009-009.3283.


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10 thoughts on “NE Broadway, 1929

  1. Going by street signs, it would be either the NW or SE corner. The building on the former has that big theater-style lighted sign for The Irvington, but neither corner has a building with the same grace despite the unusual modesty of this theater.

  2. I guess 90 years ago, standing on a corner with a big “69” on a sign was something that was just regular city business… 😛

  3. Portland, return the “number man”. Our 2019 version could be the number person portraying vinatage building leaving and their replacements. Old Town, the Cultural District…..

  4. From the April 22nd, 1929 issue of The New York Times: “Laura La Plante, who recently has been seen in serious roles instead of her usual comedy characterizations, plays another serious part in “Scandal,” the motion picture now at the Colony. She takes the role of Laura Hunt, who becomes Mrs. Burke Innes, a society matron whose name is besmirched by scandal.”

  5. I believe that is now Yuki’s sushi, formerly Jamie’s which was a throwback 50’s diner. Back in the 70’s and 80’s The Irvington theater ran mainly Kung fu movies and the like.

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