19 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1964

  1. The building with the “Motor Bank” sign is considered one of the most architecturally significant buildings in Portland. It was designed by Portland’s most famous architect, Pietro Belluschi. It was cutting edge for its use of glass walls, as well as the drive-though banking function.

  2. Susan, he is talking about the US Bank in the foreground, nothing to do with the Equitable beyond.

  3. Jon the Equitable building that is now called the Commonworth building is a 14 story building located at 621 SW 6th, the 4 story building with Motor Bank on the side sits next to US Bank on Broadway.

  4. …I believe the “58 is a BelAir, not Biscayne, the giveaways being the chrome wrap between the rear door window and the rear wind-screen, and the horizontal side chrome ( my parents owned one, same blue, with white). And hey, equal time to the ’54 BelAir convert.

  5. Benson Hotel on the right…if I’m not mistaken Pietro also designed 1320 SW Broadway…the “old” Oregonian building…

  6. Dennis, Pietro Belluschi also had a part in the design of the US Motor Bank that Jon is talking about, he has not confused the two. I don’t know if having a drive up window on the bank makes it architecturally significant or not but it may be one of the first banks with that feature.

  7. Craig, my comment was misdirected to Jon, It was intended to direct Susan to the correct location of the Equitable building.

  8. Dave & Lou L-P
    On my screen I cannot make out the MG sign on the trunk of the vehicle. If it is not there wouldn’t the vehicle be a AH Sprite. These were the same vehicles with different names.

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