10 thoughts on “Broadway Bridge Ramp, 1969

  1. I’m thinking the banner on the bridge is advertising a county fair, but I can’t tell which one. Probably not Multnomah, Clackamas or Washington, considering the lettering size and lack of space. May Clark County Fair?

  2. It was common to see the Multnomah County Fair advertised on banners on the Broadway Bridge in those days. So that’s what I think we’re seeing here.

  3. Mat looking at the banner on the bridge I think it does say County Fair, but the Broadway Bridge is owned by Multnomah County, and the last Multnomah County fair at the fairgrounds in Gresham was held from 7/24/69 thru 8/2/69. Ads from this time highlighted that this was the last fair in Gresham. I think it is unlikely Multnomah County would place another counties banner on their bridge.

  4. We used to call this part of the Broadway-Lovejoy Viaduct which allowed trucks and cars to go over the blocks of train tracks that once populated what is now known as the pearl district. There was once way more train traffic which was the reason for its creation of the viaduct to begin with. Its destruction at the end of the 90’s changed the city forever and birthed the “pearl” district…sorry I still think of it as the place the artists other miscreants went to that nobody ever wanted to be around. Why not show some of those aerial shots in a time lapse. A quarter century from 93-2018 would be quite interesting, but we will look at Drugstore Cowboy which captured this area quite well in its trailer. All of the scenes underneath a janky looking bridge are under this Broadway-Lovejoy viaduct. Also Elliott Smith’s Lucky 3 promo also captured the area right before its demolition: The scenes of him walking around underneath the Viaduct are on what is now Lovejoy St between 9th to 13th.

  5. Lovejoy ramp it was! Then one turned left on the Tenth Street ramp which ended on Hoyt. The red brick building there was once the SP&S depot adjacent to their rail yards. Distant memories…

  6. I’m going with Multnomah county fair. It didn’t end when it moved out of Gresham. It just moved. The rest of the logic I’m reading doesn’t make any sense.

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