10 thoughts on “Downtown, 1890

  1. Look at the boy with his boots in the water! He looks pretty happy with his position. (He also looks like the woman in the white skirt — perhaps his mother?)

  2. i wonder if it is an extended family, as quite a few people resemble each other (in addition to all the ones on the right who look like white-skirt lady, the two women at left have similar impressive chins), man in center is perhaps the proprietor of family business behind them …

  3. Liz C: At first I thought the boy in the sailor suit belonged to the couple on the left, then I too noticed that he looked more like the couple on the right; he was standing nearer his father.
    This superb photo really captured the individual personalities of these folks. You can almost anticipate the boy’s parents admonishing him not to splash in the water with his feet.
    Fur was very popular with the ladies.
    Funny: The first woman on the left, resembles Benny Hill the British comedian popular
    in the 70’s.

  4. I keep trying to feminize the last women on the right and I just can’t do it. The person doesn’t resemble a female at all. It looks like a man. That sort of dress couldn’t have been acceptable for a male in public back then could it?

  5. Administration…won’t post my entries until I close out browser and reopen. I tried to contact you the correct way by clicking on “contacts” but even that wouldn’t work. Said I needed a “correct URL”.

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