Aerial of Eliot and Boise, 1965

Aerial view of the Eliot and Boise neighborhoods, 1965. Boise-Eliot Elementary School and Emanuel Hospital are visible.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-007.781.


View this image in Efiles by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Aerial of Eliot and Boise, 1965

  1. You can see the the on and off ramp stubs for the Fremont Bridge ramps there on the lower left in the photo. Fremont bridge wouldn’t be built till 7 years later.

  2. I can see the Wonder Bread bakery at N Vancouver & Fremont. It’s interesting to see all the houses from before the freeways!

  3. In the upper left corner of the picture is the I-5 off ramp to Swan Island and Interstate Ave. I also believe that Roosevelt High School is also visable in the upper center.

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