11 thoughts on “N Larrabee Avenue, 1961

  1. Picture looks like it was taken from inside a penitentiary. Are those ‘subway’ entrances for underground street crossing near the box truck that’s coming off the bridge?

  2. Edge Lord. Yes, I think you’re right about the underground street crossing tunnel. I see another on the opposite side of the roadway. These are popular in Europe. Now day’s they would rather pedestrians navigate a complex series of dangerous crossings and disrupt traffic.

  3. The pedestrian subways were great
    between corners and out to the streetcar stops. This was when people were more civilized and respected the city and each other.

  4. I remembered a few rides on a chartered bus from Poor Richards to the Memorial Coliseum to view some WHL hockey games featuring Pat “Whitey” Stapleton.

  5. This was taken before the trees grew up. It’s during construction, with debris out side the “stage entrance’ and window labels still on before washing. this angle of photo is interesting, maybe from such a high angle, perhaps on equipment. when windows were just put up.
    This is the the Veterans Memorial Coliseum built for all the brave people that fought in WWII and before. But before it was build, before the sites was bought for cents of the dollar , there was a vibrant neighborhood, and with meaningful lives, and stores and small industries.

  6. I have read period pieces (30’s and 40’s) that talk about trouble in the pedestrian tunnels. I’m assuming every one has seen these tunnels being used on u-tube along with other live motion scenes of motorists driving in Portland in the 30’s. We used to take the Broadway bus to that corner on Interstate to watch the Buckaroos play. Free tickets on the back of a package of Rath Blackhawk hotdogs. The passes were so greasy you could see through them like an onion peel.

  7. Cynthia you wrote ” before the site was bought for cents of the dollar ” What are you basing that statement on? When using eminent domain a government agency must pay market rate for property taken not as you stated ” cents on the dollar. If one believes that the offer the government is making for your property is not fair you can go to court and let a judge decide what a proper appraisal of the worth of the property is.

  8. City wanted the facility on the west side while most seemed to prefer a more convenient location farther east. This was not the preferred site by the public but big money bought the neighborhood and pushed for its destruction.

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