26 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1964

  1. Sorry about dup…. mine didn’t post right away. Oh well! Great to see that building on the left still there.

  2. Looks like all the buildings on the East side of SW Broadway pictured here, are still there today; with the exception of the squat building on the corner, below the PGE sign. I enjoy seeing all the late model cars that were around then, when I was 10.

  3. Ah Jolly Joan…a true treat. As a kid it was the special occasion place for a really top notch (sorry, Yaw’s) hot fudge sundae…

  4. Susan — In Walla Walla, Washington in 1963, I went to a girls’ school that required us to wear hats and gloves to church (it was an Episcopal school). You’re right that it was passe in general, but we had to follow the rules,

  5. To keep you up to date I’ve just emailed the Admin. directly.

    Those of us having trouble posting are probably using Apple devices. The site works as it used to with Win 10/Edge browser. It doesn’t work as expected (leading to double posts) with current iOS 12.1.4/Safari or MacOS Mojave or Sierra using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. It does work as it should using MacOS Snow Leopard/Safari (which no one should be using any more because security updates are no longer being provided).

    If anyone has the time and is having trouble with the posting as I am then I encourage you to click on the Submit/Contact link above and let them know.

  6. Steven, I am using an iPad with Safari and IOS 12.1.4 and posted my comment above without any trouble. I don’t doubt that many people ARE having trouble, but thought I’d better mention this by way of helping with the diagnosis.

  7. That view from the single window on the building with the PGE advertisement must be totally blocked now. I wonder if they bricked it over or just left it as is?

  8. pure class of broadway back then nothing today soul dead skysrapers now theatres all gone now no more cruseing down broadway anay more ! portland sucks now a days

  9. Summer of 1964, cruising down Broadway to Portland State and then back up Sixth to Burnside and then back down Broadway-making the loop again and again on Friday and Saturday night. Those were the days!

  10. Reddy Kilowatt was a paid contractor employee of PGE. A legitimate Portlander would know that. Probably one of their longest serving employees. An IBEW Member also.

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