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  1. looks like it and the adjacent land rover dealership will be replaced by a 7-story apartment building soon.

  2. This soon will be gone. A new 7 story mixed use project across two blocks is in the early planning stages.

  3. The manhole cover for the sewer is in the traffic lane to the right about 30 feet from the intersection of the (almost identical building) at 8798 N. Lombard.
    You can decorate buildings but they don’t move manhole covers and sewer lines.
    The current building at 689 NE 7th at the intersection of 7th and Irving has the manhole cover in the middle of the intersection as shown in the 1969 photo.

  4. The Google street view from July of 2011 has the glass block in place and an awning over the front door, but the most recent street view, September of 2018, shows the glass block and awning are gone and some knucklehead has slathered the place with graffiti.

  5. can’t be ‘698 ne 7th and irvington’… wrong side of the street.

    that, and the numbers on the door.

  6. I don’t know if Bill A is correct, but Stepping Stone is a pretty valid choice. That bar on Lombard that Mike D posted is also a possibility, but the doorway seems a bit larger. It reminds me of shops on East Burnside in the teens to lower 30’s, but I don’t have any concrete examples.

  7. This looks very much like the NE corner of SW 18th and Madison which is now a veterinary and dog boarding clinic. Norm Zeller

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  8. It reminds me of the building occupied by a salon called “green” at Couch and 10th, but like some of the others posted in this thread, that building has a flat angled corner where the door is instead of being rounded like in the photo.

  9. The building on NE 7th Ave and Irving looks like this building. Same inset front door, same glass block on both sides, street grade looks the same. Even has the correct address on front door. I went to the street view and it looks like it’s still there.

  10. I say corner of NE 7th and Irving. The door has been changed but that thing that sticks out of the wall above the door is identical. They both have the address ‘701’.

  11. what i like about the plumbing permit for gingham kitchen is that is says ‘ 1 dishwasher 1 dishwashing sink 1 potato peeler.’

    i picture the plumber setting up a stool, a pile of potatoes and a trash can, and sitting some guy down like in the old sad sack comics…

  12. My first thought was the Wishing well as I lived over there for awhile. But 7th is correct. Isn’t this in the Oregonian?

  13. @Alan mentioned they don’t move manhole covers yet the manhole at 701 NE 7th seems to have been moved.

  14. It was in the Oregonian in 1969. For sale by Dean Vincent. No address but next to Sears and the US Govt. offices. Was closed at that time. Seated 60.

  15. Sorry about double post. Funny things happening on my end. Won’t show that I posted unless I back out and start over.

  16. I don’t think 701 works. In 2007 street view the glass blocks on either side of the door are configured differently (the inverted pyramid at the bottom). Seems unlikely anyone would spend the money to change that. In addition the windows on the Irving side don’t match at all. Then there’s the manhole cover issue.

  17. @David I am having the same trouble with posts. They used to appear immediately but now there is a delay. In addition, my log in info used to be saved but now I have to fill it in every time I post. I am using a Mac (Mojave) using Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It’s also true on my iPad using Safari.

    Maybe this is something the Admin. needs to look at.

  18. If you enlarge the photo you will see that the address of 701 is above the door, so I would think that the NE 7th address is correct.

  19. The archives photo shows the address as 701. Classified ads from March-July 1969 solicit bids on “The Gingham Kitchen restaurant” located at this NE Portland address near Lloyd Center and U.S. govt. offices. The restaurant seems to have been in business since at least 1948. Amazing that the basic structure is still standing per Google. Thanks to all for diligent sleuthing.

  20. The street numbers match. The building date is 1948, same as the first known year of operation for the Gingham Kitchen. The photo is dated 1969, shows the building for lease, same year that the business was seeking bids.

    The Lloyd District has changed quite a bit over the last half century so I can’t worry much about the location of a manhole, and the difference in glass block is strange but not enough to invalidate everything else.

    Looks like the 700 block of NE 7th isn’t so lucky.

  21. Hi,
    Cheers, Edge Lord, for nailing the location right off the bat!
    It’s great to see an old view of this. I went in there when it was called “Gassy Jacks” about 1988.
    I imagine the Sears Roebuck staff used to eat lunch here.
    The give-away for me was the 701 over the door.
    I have seen this building and the house behind it in aerial views of the Sullivan’s Gulch area.
    Sincerely, Billy

  22. Thanks for this post. I especially glad that Mike D. posted the street view of the “Wishing Well Lounge” on Lombard. What a time warp that is! It should be on the historic landmarks list, as it is so original 1930s-40s, with the neon, glass bricks and “Coca-Cola” sign.

  23. @PMC I think you are correct. The VP post from 1962 shows a parking lot to the north followed by a commercial building further to the north. Today’s photo shows a 30s looking house to the north with scaffolding either on it or the building further north. In addition, the Irving side has the same window arrangement that the Streetview has today. Nobody altered this building between ’62 and ’69 and then returned it to its former configuration we see currently on Streetview.

    The car reflected in the window looks like an early ’60s Chevy so the date of the photo is probably correct. The date of the ’62 photo also seems correct.

    Base on the above I’m not sure the location identification is solid.

  24. Dennis,
    No kidding. I thought that the current and photo location of the manhole cover in the identical location in the middle of the intersection was definitive as to the 7th and Irvington location versus the similar Portland buildings.
    The number 701 above the doorway (when magnified) is about as definitive as we can get. Thanks for noticing it.

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