15 thoughts on “N Knott Street, 1959

  1. Very uninviting & unattractive area now, it’s just freeway, maintenance yards and parking.

  2. Is this east of N. Vancouver? Did Knott used to continue through where the hospital is? I can’t place the current location at all!

  3. Our photo site today is east of US 99 and within the boundry of the Irvington Neighborhood. Map photo’s show predominately tidy older homes with a mix of condos and retail on the street location. A thriving tidy neighborhood.

  4. MM,
    Other photos in this series show that the intersection of N Knott and N Commercial is in the background. On a current map, project N. Commercial down from N Graham to where N Knott once went through. The location is now within the Emanuel campus footprint. The neighborhood is gone without a trace remaining.

  5. Thanks, Ron! Bob S’s comment suggests it is east of MLK Jr. Blvd. So I’m still a bit confused 😉

  6. Well, if the title year is correct, that’s a new Chevy Impala. As for the car in back, I believe its a ’51 Kaiser. Surfing Google image and trying to match up these old cars in question is I so enjoy. May not be the exact year but the upper windshield curves and the round signals under the headlamps give it away.

  7. I agree with George on the car in the background. Looks like a ’49 or ’50. Could be either one at that time. George Frazer left the partnership company in 1951, leaving the overstock ’50’s Frasers for Kaiser to sell under their banner.

  8. MM: Bob S is several blocks off and more crucially in the wrong quadrant. This is North Knott, i.e. west of Williams.

    I know it’s projecting, but the look on that dog’s face is almost knowing that they’re only being documented before everything is demolished in the name of urban removal.

  9. This photo has been posted here recently. The car behind the 1959 Chevrolet is a 1951 or an early 1952 Kaiser. The exterior difference between the two was the color of plastic in the hood ornament. And the hood ornament is missing on this Kaiser. The left over 1951 Kaisers were sold as 1952 Kaiser Virginians. Then the real 1952 Kaisers were introduced in March of 1952.

  10. The listed address is on 523 North, not 523 Northeast Knott. I do wonder how often the two homes received each other’s mail. I regret my error.

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