28 thoughts on “SE Powell Boulevard, 1969

  1. that’s…. quite a sign. depending on your opinion of neon, it must’ve been either an eyesore visible for miles, or a thing of wonder.

  2. Interesting there was a Green Stamps redemption center there. I remember going with my mother to redeem Green Stamps, don’t remember going there.

  3. This is a terrific representation of why VP is so great; a site that many of us pass every day with a chance to ponder its improbable evolution to the present state.

  4. I remember this scene along Powell Blvd. Very familiar. However, my mom redeemed Green Stamps at Zimmerman’s Twelve Mile Corner way out on the east side. Does anyone recall that big store?

  5. I don’t recall which businesses gave out green stamps. During high school, I managed to put together enough books to trade for a fairly nice wooden recorder (flute thing) which I still have. Were stamps given at gas stations?

  6. i assume the portlandmaps data file has a typo: says year of construction 1959, but the plumbing permits clearly show it started in 49. 1939 polk has no addresses on north side of road, so seems to have been built for roofing company.

    anyone have any color shots? 🙂

  7. I recall periodically giving a childhood friend a ride there when it was called Vocational Village during the 70’s on my way to Benson High School.

  8. My family lived in Wood Village in the early 1970’s. We would go shopping at Zim’s every Friday. Sometimes we’d go to the Rockwood Fred Meyer. Both are gone now. For Green Stamps, we’d go to the store on Holgate just west of 82nd avenue.

  9. John S., thanks for the info regarding Zim’s! And Donna K., lots of businesses gave out S&H Green Stamps, including gas stations and grocery stores.

  10. Old grocery store building on eastbound side of Powell, near the bridge, appears to still there. Fortunately though, the forest of billboard signs is gone next door.

  11. Mike, if my wooden recorder (flute) – exchanged for green stamps 58 years ago – is any evidence, it might qualify as a ‘lifetime gift’. Even now, I sometimes play a little tune on it. I’m sure the toasters, radios, waffle irons, or whatever other ‘gifts’ available that long ago are no longer with us. Who knows! Be fun to find out what others got with their green stamp books.

  12. Good answer, Donna! I still have a big yellow Pyrex mixing bowl my mom got with green stamps. Use it to make salad. Talk about “durable goods”; some of that stuff is still around.

  13. In those halcyon days of yesteryear when I considered where to fuel my rig I always gave my custom to the vendor who gave double green stamps and at least a free meal to boot. I included my green stamps along with my trip report and pay claim turn in. And you know what, my pay claim was always honored to last penny. Coincidence, maybe. But I did notice down through the years and thousands of gallons of fuel that bookkeepers and payroll clerks always seemed to go out of their way to say hello.

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