8 thoughts on “SE Ash Street, 1918

  1. Which direction are we looking? Southwest? Where is that rise in the distance? Why is there a pond in the picture? Is that a flooded foundation?

  2. … ahhhhhh yessss, early City of Portland sewer work (aka water-main break).. smh.. nice to see some things haven’t changed.. LoL!

  3. I think you are correct PMC, as this would appear to be the white looking house to the left on the photo, actually on the East side of the 83rd St. I own a house on 84th, that I lived in for 10+ years, just around the corner on 84th. Hoping a photo of my house comes up on here some day. https://goo.gl/maps/2qDAEFrwwNm

  4. I think PMC is correct about the house on 83rd. There is a ridge that runs from East Burnside to NE Glisan, between NE 84th, 85th and I205 freeway. I think the houses on the rise may be around East Burnside and NE 84th.

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