20 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. Tough one. Was thinking of the lake at Laurelhurst Park but the water area looks too big for that. Doesn’t look like the Willamette River either.

  2. I’m thinking Asylum (Hawthorne) Slough based on the house in the background, the width of the channel and the height of the banks. It was a proposed location for the 1905 L&C Exposition.

  3. It looks like a river, but I don’t think it is. That house in the background is too close to the waterline. It would flood even today, much less before the dans. It has to be a lake.

  4. I agree with it being a lake with the water’s edge not showing signs of changing river levels. Perhaps Crystal Springs, a popular recreational boating place in 1904?

  5. Very hard to say, but given the direct sunlight on their faces, I’d say it’s on the west bank of a river looking north, in an oxbow formed by an old channel of the river. Here’s one possibility–Cedar Island Park north of West Linn–where you see the bank in the distance curve to the right. Though the house in the picture does not seem to be there any longer, it may have been there in 1904.


  6. The perfect answer would be Lake Oswego, but unlikely to be in a City of Portland souvenir book. Often those books were made of of actual postcards. Maybe do a search for old post cards?

  7. I agree that it could be just about anywhere. A few others mentioned the Columbia Slough. If you view it from the Vancouver Ave. bridge looking east towards the MLK bridge, it kind of looks like our image, albeit without the evergreen trees. I couldn’t locate that area with early 20th century Sanborn maps to see if a large home/building existed on that bend in the river.


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