15 thoughts on “NE Glisan Street, 1956

  1. The billboard advertises Pard dog food. It was fun looking through the items brought up via search engine for that. Lots of old print ads for sale, including one that says:

    1952 PARD DOG FOOD vintage print advertisement “Tempt your dog”
    — Tempt your dog with red raw meat … He’ll pass it up for PARD! (Your Money Back If He Doesn’t!) Better for him too — than meat alone! Pard Swifts Dog Food —

    and a few using cartoon characters from the 1950’s, such as this one from Kukla, Fran, and Ollie: http://kukla.tv/pard.html

  2. At the intersection of 30th and Glisan (by the Laurelthirst tavern) the early sidewalk workers have Glisan spelled correctly on one corner and have it spelled Gleason a few feet away on the other corner.

  3. I am a native Portlander and I know it should be “Glisten,” but “Gleason” comes to my mouth automatically, and besides, if I said it right it would start a long conversation, every time.

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