7 thoughts on “NE Fremont Street, 1938

  1. Looking for Alameda Shoe Repair via internet browser, I came across a wonderful website with many early photos and other illustrations, and paragraphs such as this (accompanying a photo of the Alameda Pharmacy from the 1920’s)::

    There was a time when the building we know today as the home of Lucca and Garden Fever—at the southwest corner of 24th and Fremont—looked after most of the neighborhood’s needs for grocery and personal goods. Alameda Pharmacy, Alameda Grocery, John Rumpakis’s Alameda Shoe Repair, even the dentist’s office, upstairs above the pharmacy, were neighborhood landmarks that everyone knew, shopped in, and pretty much took for granted (except the ice cream sodas at the pharmacy which were supposed to be legendary). The pharmacy and grocery even provided a delivery-by-bicycle option for homemakers who needed a few small items, but couldn’t get out of the house. It was a win-win situation for Alameda and for the local family-owned business during those early years.

    Take a look at the site — there’s much more!

  2. Thanks for the link Liz. I’m glad you found my blog and the post about the busy early life of NE 24th and Fremont. Here’s another post that provides a fair “then and now” pair with today’s photo (and some links to other history stories in the near vicinity): https://alamedahistory.org/2018/12/27/favorite-views-of-ne-24th-and-fremont/.

    For the last 15 years or so, I’ve been collecting stories, memories from elders, photos and pretty much any document that deepens our understanding about the early days of Alameda, Beaumont-Wilshire, Vernon, Concordia and other nearby neighborhoods.

  3. @philipmuir, you’ll see that Doug’s beautifully written history (at the website I provided earlier today) includes several paragraphs about Safeway in the era of today’s VP photo!

  4. When I moved into the area in 1972 the pharmacy building was basically empty. There was a newspaper distributor that used it for his operations. A year later Nature’s Food and Tool moved in and that started their chain which was purchased by Wild Oats and then Whole Foods. The vacant lot that spouted the Safeway became a neighborhood grocery store owned by he Brandles who also has a grocery store on Killingsworth, .

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