18 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. Not sure, but I’ll throw out a guess. One of the streets between 39th and Laurelhurst Elementary School? I went to Laurelhurst 1962-1966 and this looks familiar.

  2. Believe the barn-like house belonged to the Bravender family. It was near the Pietro Belluschi church (now Central Lutheran) in the north east Grant HS area. Good luck.

    Lee Flegel – Redmond, Oregon

  3. Hi, I’m a certified real estate appraiser in Oregon, I have located where this property is!, I enlarged the picture and noted the white house’s address which reads 3603, I cross referenced 52 properties in Multnomah County and the address for the white house is 3603 SE Stark Street!, See old RMLS #5022695!, Picture appears to be taken in the mid 1960’s if I had to guess, also look at the red tile roof on the house on the far left and look at the minor damage on the “hurricane” shingles on the Dutch colonial, Best regards, Appraiser Mike

  4. @Claudia It looks like the asphalt shingles on the middle house took a hit too but not as bad as the concrete tiles next door. I see a deciduous tree missing most of its leaves so October after a storm is likely. One question that comes to mind is why was the photo taken?

  5. Not quite as much grass in front of 3603 anymore! Grew up in laurelhurst and it felt close to there. Nice work!

  6. As to why the photo was taken, it’s possible that we have three different roof styles, with three different roofing materials, and this photo offers an illustration as to what happens when a big wind storm comes along. (Also, I’m reminded of a story involving three little pigs, but that’s probably not relevant here.)

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