NE Broadway, 1929

A “number man” standing outside a service station at NE Broadway and NE 7th Avenue, 1929. For more information on the “number man,” please click here.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2009-009.3240.


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15 thoughts on “NE Broadway, 1929

  1. Thanks, Mike. That was done during the Great Depression, right?

    Would whoever submits the “today” view of this intersection please remind me how to do that? I asked the site moderator, and she suggested I ask.

  2. I’m having trouble with perspective. How can that big Les Schwab store fit on the same lot as that tiny service station?

  3. “How can that big Les Schwab store fit on the same lot as that tiny service station?”

    Chris, yes, the Les Schwab lot is significantly wider than the old service station. This can really be seen if you look from above.

    The house that is there in the current street view photo posted above was next door to the house in the 1929 photo. If you look at the old photo, on the far left edge (between the street lamp and the edge of the photo) you can just see the line of the roof and even a little of dormer window roof through the trees, on the next door house which was probably nearly identical. A bit lower down you can see a bit of siding in the sunlight on the next door house as well.

  4. Yes, Monte Shelton. Lot’s of used MGA’s, MGB’s, TR-3, Austin Healeys, some Alfa, Porsche. He was well known in local SCCA events. We were Lot Engineers, not Lot Boys. Really cool part time job while attending Portland State College, as it was called then. The car lot took up just the space where the service station was. Phil’s Bike shop on the NE corner, Mountain Shop on either the SE or SW corner.

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