16 thoughts on “SW Park Avenue, 1967

  1. the clifton house apartments in the background looked waaaay nicer when built. poor decision to clad over the stone and remove all the mid-century-modern touches. kids pay big bucks for that kitschy stuff now. too late to fix it – now a bigger pomo structure.

  2. what is the pole in front of the darker mustang? white with a dark bottom… doesn’t look like a lamp post, unless hooligans have busted the top off.

  3. If you look closely at the top of that pole there is a sign – it probably reads “diagonal parking only”

  4. thanks claudia – i was so fixated on the top of the post i completely missed the metal bit sticking out the side!

  5. Those houses are CLOSE, the second house must have been built first about 1890, Note the TV antennae on both houses.

  6. Lovely day, beautiful house and cool car nicely situated. Robert Bechtle should have painted this scene! And Portland sure was a VW bug town in the 60’s and 70’s.

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