13 thoughts on “N Lombard Street, 1964

  1. That McDonald’s was just past the corner of N. Wall Avenue and Lombard looking toward the railroad ‘cut’. The Purdy Brush factory appears to be still in the area at 13201 N Lombard St., Portland, OR 97203, and was/is on the right side of Lombard closer to the ‘cut’. Purdy brushes are the best! We brush painted a bungalow home here in North Dakota that was down to the bare siding with oil based primer and then good latex using Purdy brushes. Nothing like a Purdy brush.

  2. Looks like the McDonalds’ closed sometime around 2005. It became the University Grill after that. Prior to 2015, Master Transmission and Master Automotive had 2 large buildings located at 6214 N Lombard. In 2015, all 3 buildings were demolished to construct the New Seasons Market. Across the street used to be Lombard Hair Design. It’s a weed store now.

  3. I worked in an old styled McDonalds like this in Belmont CA, way back in 1973; brings back memories – the funky hats, going home covered in hamburger grease (I worked the grill). The bicyclist here, going against traffic on the sidewalk is classic.

  4. North Portland was my home, too. My grandparents had a small acreage on N. Clarendon during the late 40’s – early 60’s. Grandpa rented ‘railroad land’ as pasture for his 2 cows and my horse above the cut. It was a quiet community with lots of open spaces then.

  5. I believe they came to NoPo in 1962.
    Had my first cheeseburger there. Big menu: 15 cent burgers,
    18 cent cheeseburgers, 11cent fries, and dime Cokes.
    Previous restaurants at that location:
    Ah Come On In
    Rutherford’s Triple X Root Beer

  6. the golden arches of the 1960s proof that these where finer times ! unlike now a days this generation sucks !! McDonalds today look like a mental hospital all buildings today are Incredibly poor design nothing is ornate anay more !! they tore down the old
    McDonalds on powell blvd just last year !!!

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