10 thoughts on “Cathedral Park, 1973

  1. I think the photo was taken from closer to N. Edison & Pittsburgh, and that’s Crawford Street crossing at the bottom of the hill. Also, this (the area on the right) was not quite Cathedral Park, yet. From http://www.portlandoregon.gov:
    “In the early 1970s, Howard Galbraith, the “honorary mayor” of unincorporated St Johns, got tired of the junkyard state of the area under the eastern end of the bridge. He organized a drive that eventually raised $7.5 million to build a park. After eight years of community fundraising, combined with state, county and city funding, the park was dedicated at a community celebration on May 3, 1980. It got its name from a photo of the St Johns Bridge by Al Monner that appeared on the front page of the Oregon Journal in 1968. Reference was made to its beautiful cathedral-like arches and the park found its name.”

  2. What an interesting collection of old cars with the bridge in the background! Hey, I’d sure like to know more about that old truck with the prominent radiator behind the fence on the right. Late 1930s perhaps? Wonder how long that had been sitting there?

  3. Thanks, Lou!. That’s neat to know. I’m not surprised if it’s a Mack because it sure has a well-built, sturdy appearance, even though it seems sadly deserted behind that fence..

  4. Cathedral Park? What Park??
    Obviously, before the park was there. What year did the park officially open? I remember going down there in the early ’70s when this photo was taken and it was literally a dump, garbage and junk everywhere. The earliest I remember the park being there was about 1983-84, but I am sure it must have opened well before that.

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