27 thoughts on “SW 3rd Avenue, 1905

  1. If you zoom him on the left it appears that there is a group of elderly men marching in a small group all with medals on their chests. Civil war vets?

  2. I thought that Terminus Building might refer to the terminus of the Cable car ( not street car) system that was in operation at the time but I think that system ended at 4th and not 3rd.

  3. President Roosevelt came to Portland on May 21, 1903. You can see him in the carriage doffing his hat to the crowd. Next to him is Portland Mayor George Henry Williams and seated in front is Oregon Governor Chamberlain. The majority of those Veterans marching along the side are probably Spanish American War Vets.

  4. I think Edge Lord is right about the year. I just went through all the Portland parade citations in the Historical Oregonian for 1905, finding plenty of references to parades associated with the Lewis & Clark Exposition, some for automobiles, Woodmen, temperance union members, etc. but nothing that mentions T.R. Roosevelt’s coming to town that year. On June 1, 1905, a front page headline reads: “Vice-President is City’s Guest: Comes to Speak at Opening of Fair.” Subheads read: “Represents Mr. Roosevelt. Fourth U.S. Cavalry Escorts Him Through Streets. Cheered by Great Throng.”

    The VP caption should probably read 1903. I’m sorry but I don’t have time right now to go back to the Historical Oregonian to confirm details.

  5. Interesting that the second floor to the left appears to be where Portland’s African Americans were “allowed” to view the parade…..

  6. I am confused. I thought the flag with 48 stars came in 1912 with
    New Mexico and Arizona admitted to original 48 states, This is
    event pictured is titled much before that date. EXPLAIN PLEASE.

  7. OOPS…….Sorry……FAKE NEWS ….
    Researched the American flag history . This picture has 48 stars on the
    flag, The first flag with 48 stars appeared on July 4, 1912 and lasted
    until the 1990’s with additional stars.
    Impossible that parade of 1903 or 1905 is correct in this case.
    Has to be 1912 or later.

  8. Sam Sorensen, 50 star flags began in 1958-59 when Hawaii and Alaska were admitted to the Union, I believe.

  9. Have to agree that the 48 star flag places this no earlier than 1912. 7/11/12 to be exact:

    “At seven o’clock on a bright, sunny September 11th 1912 morning, the former President arrived at Union Station to the customary crowds an enthusiastic welcome…After an extended session of meet and greet, Roosevelt and his entourage went to the Hotel Multnomah for a luncheon. Then he joined a motorcade of dignitaries, Spanish American War veterans and a large police escort for a parade through Portland streets in an open topped car….: http://www.cafeunknown.com/2008/07/roosevelt-mysteries-theodore-roosevelt.html

  10. The appearance of the 48-star flag (dating from July 1912) in the VP photo is an interesting clue (thanks to @Sam Sorenson) for photo dating purposes, espec. since TR made at least 3 or 4 visits to Portland during and after his presidency. Per the proverbial Oregonian archives, TR visited Portland on 11 Sep 1912 for several hours. He was campaigning then for President as the nominee of the Progressive “Bull Moose” Party. He arrived here by train from Tacoma in the AM for a day of speeches and receptions before traveling on to La Grande and Idaho. Since “The Terminus” hotel was located at Third and Everett near Union Station, this photo appears to show TR’s parade of horse drawn carriages and marchers en route from the train station to his first stop at another hotel.

    Of course, in the Nov. 1912 election both Bull Moose TR and his hand-picked successor Republican W. H. Taft lost to Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

  11. Great Photo. The original posting of Portland 1905 was in error and was corrected to 1912. However, no one questioned the location, Portland. Look at all the marchers with Umbrellas in their hands.

  12. The photographer is standing on top of 213 NW 3rd looking north. The Terminus House is now the entrance to the Chinese Garden and the brick building to the left of it was The New Grand Central Hotel.

  13. If there are any Civil War vets marching here, we can thank them (Republicans) for defeating the South (Democrats) and ending slavery. No doubt those watching in lower left corner would approve. Thank you Abe Lincoln!

  14. I volunteer at the Vista house in the gorge. This past May we celebrated 100 years and hung the original 48 star flag from the original opening in 1918.

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