13 thoughts on “SW Front Avenue, 1964

  1. I’d entered the address above and was taken to a spot just north of the Fremont Bridge – but looking closely at the signs on the photo (the 26 sign, and it looks like the cross street says Clay) I’m now guessing that below is the current view… someone correct me if I’ve got this all wrong.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is Clay and “Front” – I was being a bit thick (Google Maps doesn’t auto-convert old “Front” to what is now Naito Parkway) – that Marriott was built in 1978, so well after the 1964 photo was taken.

  3. The company seems to have had its share of bad luck. In the Morning Oregonian (December 31, 1927, front page), an article with the headline “ASBESTOS PLANT HIT BY FURIOUS BLAZE” describes their structure at 315 Front Street (pre-1933 address changes) suffering a heavy loss. “Building filled with tar products provides fuel for flames fanned by high wind…. Three alarms were turned in and about 15 companies answered the call.”

    “The flames scorched their way through the wooden walls of a lodging house next door at 330 Front street and sent the occupants of the structure scurrying to the street to face the arctic breeze in night attire. None was injured.”

    Soon in the new year (January 10, 1928) page 9 the paper discussed an order by Commissioner Barbur to tear down the building. The fire was deemed to have caused $50,000 damage.

    On July 18, 1938 (p. 4) the same paper reported,”SAFE IN OFFICE PUNCHED.” “A safe in the office of the Pacific Asbestos & Supply company, 1437 Southwest Front avenue, was punched and the cash box smashed open during the week end, police were notified last night. Amount of the loot, if any, was not determined.”

    And on August 4, 1943 (p. 11) another fire — “FIRE LOSS $2000.” “Flames which started from an overheated asbestos drier Tuesday night inflicted $2000 damage in the Pacific Asbestos & Supply company, 1437 S.W. Front avenue, Fire Investigator Norman Howard reported. Most of the loss was on the third floor of the building. The concern will continue its work on war orders, officials stated.”

  4. Looks like this building succumbed to the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Project. This building marked the NE corner of the SAURP. Does anybody know if the 1883 Spaulding Building and the 1892 Coeur d’Alene building were on backside of this building on SW 1st Street?

  5. Can you imagine the HAZMAT exposure to the Firefighters in this pre-SCBA blaze. Not to mention the employees and neighborhood.

  6. That’s the outfit what supplied siding for my house. I have 2 cartons of extra shingles still in the basement.

  7. Speaking of fires look up Chester Buchtel Portland fireman in the 20’s accused of setting more than 80 fires in the area. Was commited to Oregon state hospital.

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