7 thoughts on “University Homes, circa 1944

  1. A map of the University Homes project is available on Efiles and also on this site. Went to Portland Maps and looked at the date that the homes that are currently there on the grounds of the project were built. Looking at a just a few of the dates of construction looks like they were built in early sixties to 1967. Was University Homes there from 1945 to the 1960’s or was it all torn down before that?

  2. Is this University Homes or Guild’s Lake Court? The title says University Homes, but on efiles it’s in the Guild’s Lake container. In either case, it’s a model of what we could do now for the people who need affordable housing, simple row houses/apartments, each unit with a separate outside entrance, with needed services on site. Thanks Geezer George for the link to the Gopher blog, very informative.

  3. We lived in Dekum courts in late 50’s early 60’s. The above website says it’s by University homes and one other development. It was by neither. They were at 27th and Dekum.

  4. It’s University homes in North Portland( bordered by Alaska St., Chautaugua Blvd., Willis St. and Woolsey St.), not Guilds lake. In the background you can see the top of the Interstate bridge (next to water tower) the two super tall KGW/KEX radio towers (300+ feet), the smaller stand-by radio tower, plus parts of Vanport.

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