11 thoughts on “Abernethy School, 1982

  1. Those maple trees have sure come a long way since 1982. Are there entry door
    lights in the photo? Perhaps they’re some type of sconce that illuminate above and below? Those institutional things that are on the building now are an insult to the aesthetics of this fine building.

  2. I recall daily walking with our 7th grade class from St. Philip Neri School, just down a alley, and going to PE class in Abernathy’s Gym. Our class from St. Philip Neri used the borrowed unlocked wall lockers outside the gym to keep gym shorts in. (what a time, I must be dating myself again).

  3. they just dont build thes European Style Buildings anay more so sad Buildings now are so Cold and Calculated with no Beauty !

  4. Laura I also went to St. Philip Neri from 60-64, spent one summer remedial with Mother Superior Sister Ruth Marie, so I could get into the 7th grade at Abernathy.

  5. Michael, I too remember Mother Superior (haven’t heard that title in years). I attended St. Philip Neri a little later, 64-71.

  6. My daughter currently attends second grade at Abernethy, and by complete coincidence we discovered that my grandmother attended Abernethy in the 1930’s. The continuity, stability, and the sense of a connection to time and place is wonderful.

  7. Abernethy School is restoring a painted over mural in their school. At the same time, Glencoe Elementary School already has or is planning on destroying the murals in their hallway by painting over them. Grant High School Alumni Association has embarked on a major fundraising effort to restore the two Carl Hoeckner murals that hang in the auditorium. The murals are being protected during the remodeling of the school. The murals at Grant High School are considered the most valuable historical cultural assets of the school. Hoeckner was an artist and instructor at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago when he painted these murals that were dedicated to the memory of W. T. Fletcher in 1932. See more on this project at https://www.grantalumni.org/fletcher-murals.html

  8. Abernethy also added a contemporary mural on its “portable” classroom northeast of the main building. It is a whimsical mural about how you make friends. By Gary Hirsch who has numerous other mural-type artworks around town. It was done this past summer, 2018.

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