15 thoughts on “NE 42nd Avenue, 1965

  1. Looks like the photo was taking just a bit north of Killingsworth (the Evergreen Market on the left looks like the Texaco from the photo above).

  2. Evergreen Market (old Texaco station) as mentioned above, is still hanging on but all the other petrol stations are gone and have been replaced by eateries of one kind or another. Old Safeway has become a PCC workforce training center. St. Charles church (background left) is still in business.

  3. I remember many, many intersections with 4 Service Stations, most open till 9 or 10 PM. Lube, Oil and Filter, Tune ups, radiator repair, brakes, flushes, hoses, wiper blades etc. Most with Coke , Pepsi , candy, cigarette machines. Now with twice as many cars we have less than half as many gas stations?

  4. @Tom. Back in the day they were service stations, because that was the only place you could get all of those maintenance things done. Today, coupled with much higher quality cars, we have oil change businesses that take 20 minutes, we have independent tire dealers that sell, install and repair tires as well as perform alignments and other services. We have independent brake dealers. Independent muffler shops. And on the rare occasion you need radiator service there’s even those.
    Coupled with auto part stores and YouTube you can fix just about anything yourself if you’re so inclined. Don’t forget 7-11’s, plaid pantrys and fast food places that satisfy your other listed items.
    We have less than half of the gas stations with 10 times more cars, because they are simply that, Gas stations.

  5. When I was living in Forest Grove a few years ago, they had only one gas station. For the whole town. Esty tried to set up independent stations in FG and Cornelius, but for some reason no one would sell them gas. This is why we don’t have as many gas stations. It’s like Krogers coming in here, buying Kienows, and closing all the stores. You barely hear about it, and most people who shop at Fred Meyers, who might have had sympathy with a long-standing local chain like Kienows, don’t even think about it.

  6. I second Hillsboro’s post, now it’s a monopoly by the oil companies. There used to be independent gas stations that were small businesses. My schoolmate’s father supported a family of 5 by owning and operating a single station in the SW Macadam area. Doesn’t happen now.

  7. I attended Adams High behind the photographer on 42nd. When it snowed we would stand out in Fernhill park and pelt the passing cars with snowballs. They call that misspent youth. I watched them build Adams in the late 60’s and I watched them tear it down in the 2000’s. St. Charles catholic church is up the street on the left. Basketball gym had a floor with dead spots. You’d be dribbling, then all of a sudden the ball would not bounce up to where it should have. Mr. burger and Arctic circle where the 2 fast food joints back then. This was all a few years before this photo was taken.

  8. Mr. Burger! That was the name I just couldn’t remember. That Chevron was replaced by them. In the 70’s they had great food. Miss Arctic Circles too!

  9. Kienow’s stockholders voted to sell the co. after the death of President Juan Young. They asked a firm called Macadam Capitol partners to find a buyer for them. They were sold to Western Real Estate investment firm in 98.

  10. When I was a kid there were gas stations everywhere, on every corner it seemed. I remember at Jantzen Beach in the early 1970s, there were SEVEN gas stations there, now there is exactly ONE. And they were all full service with service bays and they would check your oil, wash your windshield, etcetera. None of them had stores attached!

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