9 thoughts on “NE Grand Avenue, 1973

  1. The City of Portland and Home Forward are constructing a 12-story building there across from the Hotel Eastlund on the north side of Holladay. It’s not a vacant lot or a car lot anymore.

    Spent his whole life in the automotive industry around here. Had used car lots on Grand Ave, Union Ave. etc. Also automotive repair service and new car dealership, joined many car clubs and had a great gift of gab.

  3. Oh the Hyatt..
    Those days, Spent many afternoon there with the local Hookers. There were plenty of them all over that area up into the 90s. Occasionally when I had extra money, spend the night at the Cosmopolitan.

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  6. The Top of the Cosmo!
    My parents used to go there back then. It seems to me they had a reputation for having some of the best food in town.

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