Piedmont Post Office, circa 1960

This photo comes from Vintage Portland follower, Nick Weston and the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 82 in Portland.

Piedmont Post Office, circa 1960. This photo was taken outside of the front entrance on NE Killingsworth, at the Piedmont Post Office on 630 NE Killingsworth.  In 2010, the Piedmont Post Office was officially renamed the MLK Post Office, in honor of the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.


Piedmont Post Office, circa 1960. National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 82 Historical Committee.



7 thoughts on “Piedmont Post Office, circa 1960

  1. Great picture. Long ties, short ties, 1 very short tie, no ties and 1 patterned tie. Anyone garner a guess to whom the two fellow in suits might be?

  2. Susan — Acute observation, pitiful situation. I wish there were a way to indicate this in the “hand signals” — so I could click something to signal approval of your observation without making it look like I thought the situation was a good one!

  3. Susan: This picture pre dates the second wave of Feminism. Women were still happy being home with their children, taking care of the house and greeting their man when he came home from the post office. Leave it to Beaver.

  4. Friend of mine got out of the navy in 74 then got hired at this station. I think he made it about a week before he chickened out do to the mean drug dealer dogs etc.

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