19 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. I agree with debrald. It looks like three generations. Love that little boy sitting on the steps. This appears to be way out in the country—how things change! Gives the impression that things were good. But I am pretty sure that they faced many problems—different than today perhaps but problems nonetheless.

  2. If you look in the street view history it’s somewhat unfortunate. In Aug. 2014 it looks like it looked in PMC’s link in comment #1 (with the awful modifications that ruined the porch and entry). But by Nov 2015 the house and porch have been nicely restored to a more original look (minus the stairs on the Alberta side). But then in Sep. 2017 the house is gone.

    Seems strange to go to all that trouble and expense to restore the house just to demolish it two years later. Though, I notice it’s for sale in the 2015 post-restoration photo, so apparently whoever bought it wasn’t interested in that aspect of it…

  3. It was indeed the home on the southeast corner of NE 13th and Alberta, formerly known as 560 Alberta Street (and then after renumbering as 1308 NE Alberta). An interesting classified ad in The Oregonian on August 20, 1908 offered a reward for the family’s dehorned roan cow which evidently walked away from the property. Classified ads over the years suggest the house offered rental rooms for much of its history. A building at the back of the property, with an address of 1040 E. 13th Street North, was evidently a small furniture manufacturer. The demolition permit on this house was taken out January 2017 and completed on December 18, 2017.

  4. This beautiful house appears to have been well maintained and unchanged for 100+ years as you scroll through the Google Maps photos – until you get to September 2017. Sold for $1,199,000 in December 2016, per Portland Maps.

  5. Love the look of the house, and the window detail all the same was great. Sad when you think of House gone and all are now passed away. Nothing left but the picture for non family to see.

  6. I believe that the original picture with the family was taken within the first two years of the house being built, the landscaping suggests this and the date is correct for the Edwardian Style which many people in our city have generically labeled “Old Portland”, I owned a 1907 house that looked very ,very similar.

  7. Do you have old photos on the east side of 33rd to 42nd and between Prescott and Killingsworth?  

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  8. The posted photograph of the house on Alberta *WAS * at the corner of 13th and Alberta. Sadly it was torn down less than a year ago replacing it is a “AFFORDABLE HOUSING ” COMPLEX like we need another ugly building in an olde neighborhood. S. Sullivan

  9. The actual address is or was 4946 SE 13th. It’s hard to preserve a house zoned commercial in a hot area of town.

  10. i hate thses new buildings poping up all over the city no class class they are so cold
    and dumb looking no uniform perfection cheap materials 90% of the time at least
    100 years a go every thing was real !!!!

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