5 thoughts on “Portland International Raceway, 1974

  1. Radke’s … I spent a lot there when I was building my Datsun 510. Seems like a zillion years ago. It was a busy place in those days.

  2. The Blitz Tower: Using modular construction, the 3 story tower was assembled in the winter of 1973-1974. The tower remained the Blitz tower through the early 80’s when it was renamed the 7-11 tower. A few years later it became the Goodyear tower and was still there last time I was out there (been a while).
    “Give me a warm summer day in PIR, the smell and sounds of nitro and burning rubber, and I won’t care if I fall off or through the “grandstands” cause I’ll be lovin’ every moment of it”

  3. I remember back in the 70’s growing up in NE how loud the dragsters were from PIR. Especially in the clear summer air it would carry for a good 10 miles it seemed. It wasn’t summer without the dragsters, ice cream trucks, and playing outside till dark.

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