13 thoughts on “NW Glisan Street, 1920

  1. Don’t text and drive, people! BTW, that looks like a Phoenix Iron Works “Portland” hydrant in the foreground for you fire plug enthusiasts out there.

  2. Looks like the result of an accident with a trolley-street car. They were unpredictable. Now days they simply run into cars downtown.

  3. Frank Leslie McGuire born 1887, died 1973 at 85. Still working part time when he passed. Held the oldest real estate license in the country at that time. Sold a record 1,250 houses in 1920. Started in business in 1908. Thought I read somewhere that he was largely responsible for “red lining” in the Port. area. Probably depends on who you talk to.

  4. quick question what are thoes colunms made of steel cast iron
    Reinforced concrete wood stone hard tell from the photo would Appreciate it God bless

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