9 thoughts on “Station 4, 1913

  1. Not sure but i think those things on the ceiling with the single rope hanging from them were part of the system that allowed for very fast rigging of the horses so that they could leave the fire house quickly.

  2. There appears to be a perforated paper tape on the desk behind the right shoulder of the guy who is seated. I would assume that it is part of the alarm apparatus in the days before phones were common. Did it print a code with the alarm box where the call for service originated? Some much later VP photos from the ’40’s and even ’50’s show alarm boxes on specially painted utility poles. Do any VP readers have details on the system and when it was discontinued?
    Thank much.

  3. The Papertape was to record alarm traffic on their municipal McCullogh firealarm circuits.
    The last one I know of was in Rivergate area. PFB removed those municipal systems in the mid 80s.

    Other Portland alarm companies phased out all McCullogh service in early 90s.

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