11 thoughts on “NE Sandy Boulevard, 1962

  1. If history is any guide I suppose there will be some who question the date on this photo based on the age of the cars in it. However if you look at the VW billboard ad the ” Two of a Kind ” ad ran in the 1960’s confirming the date of the photo.

  2. Robert: You’re right! I’d originally thought it was the direction you’d embedded until I looked at the direction the arrow was pointing for Providence. Not a lot left to identify, there’s a house on the left with the slim row of upper windows popping out of the roof that’s still there, and maybe the building in the distance (center left, right side of the street) is the Ambassador building?

  3. Yes it is now the Ambassador. In this picture it is Webb’s. In the mid 60’s it was changed to Alfies. I worked there 1967-70 and the interior ceiling and walls were covered with spider webs impressed in the plaster. The owner was Alf Nofeild whose brother Wilf owned Wilfs.

  4. Back then on the near corner to the right where Killer Buger is now
    There used to be a Chinese food takeout place. Might have been called “Chen’s
    Kitchen” Good food. My father often stopped there on his way home from the store.
    My sister and I loved Chinese food and we would hover around Dad hoping for a handout.

  5. When did these street signs (i.e. green NE 47th st) start appearing? This seems like the earliest I remember seeing them. Outside of the slightly updated ones that have popped up the last few years, this means we’ve had the same style for almost 60 years?

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