22 thoughts on “Montavilla School, circa 1918

  1. How Amazing….My Grandmother is more than likely in there somewhere as a 6 yr old. AND, The tall girl in the 2nd row from the front looks like it could be her sister, who I knew well when I was growing up.

  2. This is a wonderful photo in every way! The seriousness of the children, the flags in all the windows, the boy on the pole, the kids in the windows. And that wonderful old school building, long gone. I wonder where it was?

  3. It looks as if it was closer to Mt Tabor. Tried looking on maps for the house you can see on the hill, no luck so far. Heh. And wl, did you mean 3rd from left? If so, I can totally see what you’re saying.

  4. I always thought the Montavilla school was between SE 75th, 76th, Ash, and Pine, but I’m nowhere near old enough to have attended there or even to have seen the building before they pulled it down. 🙂

  5. I notice many of the old schools in larger districts were multi floor and attractive, but fire traps with oiled wood floors. The slide fire escapes were great to play on week ends, but NEVER allowed during school hours ~

  6. FWIW I think the garden was the half block across 76th that is now Grace Baptist Church and the houses south of it.

  7. I found a newspaper clipping from the Oregon Daily Journal from October 9, 1920 that mentions the school:

    “The fourth grade of Montavilla school and it’s teacher, Miss Hastings, spent a pleasant afternoon at the Art Museum Tuesday.
    At a meeting of the Parent-Teacher association it was decided to supply milk for the school children at 3 cents the half pint, to be had at recess as well as the noon hour. This will be a great benefit to the children, especially those who come to school without breakfast, as many do.”

    There’s also a fun story from an “old timer” about some boxing bears on what’s now 18th and Glisan. 🙂


  8. D – Never mind, I think the Grace Baptist website is a bit mistaken (or maybe they were on the opposite corner) because I think you are spot on. I looked at the garden image found here: http://gutenberg.readingroo.ms/1/5/5/9/15595/15595-h/15595-h.htm#Page_77

    Then looked east in 3D on Google Maps and was able to identify a couple of the houses from the garden photo – https://goo.gl/maps/Bh1EVYspiL42

    So yes, this seems to place the school between Pine and Ash, and 75th and 76th. This (as close as street view can get anyway) is what it looks like today.

    All of the houses on that block were built in the late 1940’s (post-war housing boom). So I’m assuming it was torn down shortly before that.

  9. Per Oregonian archives, the old Montavilla school shown here was indeed located at SE 76th and SE Pine. It closed in Apr 1930 at start of spring vacation, and its 800 or so students then transferred to then new John L. Vestal school at NE 82nd and NE Davis. The old school was demolished over the summer of 1930, and a lot of the old bldg. materials were advertised for sale to the public; including 2 X 8 and 3 X 16 lumber of all dimensions, window glass, metal pipe, etc. The old wood frame structure appears to date from about 1892 when the “Mount Tabor Villa School District” was first organized.

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