13 thoughts on “N Willamette Boulevard, 1936

  1. The good old days , working men that look like they could dig for days. Note not a one seems overweight. Guess I was born to late.

  2. I can’t quite get a good match on the the streets but if the workman are on N Macrum looking towards N Willamette this would be looking south on N Macrum.

  3. @Susan — I’m thinking they are planting trees. Possibly a WPA (Works Progress Administration) project, to provide work during the Great Depression?

  4. In the 60’s to early 70’s, my father still wore this type of fedora. Surprised to see them worn while working.

  5. Is that just south of what we called ‘the Cut’? Yes, my grandfather wore a fedora up until his death in the early 1960’s.

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