10 thoughts on “NE Sandy Boulevard, 1963

  1. The 7-up truck at the right edge was probably making a delivery to a store or cafe in the next block, the one with the 7-up sign on the side of the building. These open-sided trucks were quite common when this picture was taken.

  2. Steven;
    Growing up in Portland and working in service stations in the 1950s & 1960s, 0.299 a gallon for regular gas was standard price for many years. Ethel was a cent or two higher. Shell Oil Co had a White Pump, a higher octane gas as did Standard Oil Co for an additional cent or two. Gasoline prices were consistent untill greed took control of the oil companies and prices went out of control in the 1970’s. This photo shows a TIME GAS, a brand or station I have no recollection of. Any info on TIME ?

  3. I really like the old signage for the small namesake businesses: “Pat’s”, “Maria’s”, “Buzzy’s”. The directional arrow was quite popular in advertising back then too.

  4. So that whole group of buildings was magically transformed into Der Rhinelander. Talk about a makeover.

  5. My parents and a cousin ran a Time station at Columbia Blvd and NE 65th from about 1948 to 1952. It continued to operate after we moved. My cousin recently gave me a drinking glass with the Time logo on it. Lucky me. Near the Vernonia turn off of Hwy. 26 there is a Time sign but don’t think it is a working station.

  6. If the “Buzzy’s TV” was owned by Buzzy Allison he had another store on Lombard across the street from my house in the 50’s. My dad worked for Buzzy’s dad, Lou Allison. Lou owned Oregon Electric. Us kids used to run across the street on Lombard and sit on the cold, hard linoleum and watch tv at Buzzy’s TV before our folks had a tv set.

  7. There was a Time station on SE 92nd and Holgate as late as the 1990s, I doubt it’s still there now. There is a Douglas station at the extreme left in the photo.

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