13 thoughts on “N Alta Avenue, 1973

  1. If the photo was taken from N Alta and N Crawford looking towards the St. Johns bridge then this is looking south and east not north.

  2. Mike: from Street View (6618 N Alta) I see that it really is looking northeast. Both of us were deceived by thinking that it is facing the center of the span when it’s actually just a very long approach to/from the landing in St. Johns.

  3. I guessing that’s a 1965 Pontiac Tempest and pretty sure that’s a 1961 Lincoln. But I want to know if anybody can name those 2 semi-trucks pointed away from the picture.

  4. The tractor that’s bobtail is an International DCO 405, and the one hooked to the flatbed trailer is a Kenworth W-900.

  5. It’s hard to read the sign over the door, but I believe it is Independent Marine Propeller, the same business that is there now. I’ve had a couple props reconditioned there.

  6. Larry, your quick ID of those 2 trucks plus the fact that you use the term ‘bobtail’ suggests you’re an old trucker. Nice work and thank you.

  7. Mike, The intersection of Alta & Crawford is right underneath the north end of the St Johns Bridge. It’s a block up from Cathedral Park which means you could look south or north at the bottom of the St Johns Bridge. From where the camera is placed,, the photographer was most certainly looking towards the North as you would see the Willamette or Cathedral Park in the background if the camera had been pointing South. Also if the camera had been pointing South, the bridge would appear on the other side of the image. That would be physically impossible to be at the intersection and take photo of the bridge towards the South without the bridge being on the left side of the photograph. There are still four blocks of the St Johns Bridge remaining before it attaches back to the streets of Portland at Ivanhoe. One can easily drive under the bridge on Crawford(at least you were able to a couple of years ago which is the last time I was at Cathedral Park). This link should take you to that intersection. Apologize to Champs:


  8. Lived in an apartment at Willamette and Burlington in the early 80’s. That would be just east of this picture. Walked up to Fred Bauer Chevrolet in 85 and bought a brand new Chevy S-10 pick-up.

  9. I realize that our mental maps tend to put roads on simple grids but St. Johns is not laid out out that way. The bridge is no exception and takes a northeast bearing into the neighborhood, i.e. the direction we face as we look from below.

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