12 thoughts on “NE Sandy Boulevard, 1962

  1. That was quite the row of gas stations. (I assume the NE corner of NE Sandy/47th was a gas station then as it is now.)

  2. I remember a row of gas stations in my hometown of Wallace, Idaho (population 2,400 at that time). We were on U.S. Hwy. 10 (now Interstate 90). Ten service stations lined the path of traffic through town. They were true service stations with mechanics. Pictures like the one posted today bring back fond memories.

  3. Lou: Not all of the residential homes are gone. At least two (from my Google maps view, anyway) seem to be still standing. One would be the craftsman just behind the Flying A (now a 7/11). The other would be the two story house with the fanciful roof line just beyond the S&H Green Stamps sign.

  4. I miss the personalized service stations. Owners took much more pride in their filling stations when their name was attached to it. In addition to gas filling, a ‘Ground Crew’ used to check my oil and tire pressure. Sometimes, they even greeted me with a salute.
    Who remembers:
    George Lackman’s Flying A on 47th NE Sandy (pictured)
    Dudeks’s Flying A on 64th and NE Sandy
    Holly’s Richfield on 72nd and NE Prescott
    Matthew’s Shell Service on 114th and SE Powell
    Johnson’s Mobil Service on 39th and SE Hawthorne
    Art Lacy’s Bomber Service on SE McLoughlin Blvd

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