22 thoughts on “NE Sandy Boulevard, 1956

  1. The white building in the distance on the left was the Piggly Wiggly grocery store that my aunt shopped at. Notice the overhead wires for the electric buses.

  2. Mike: This is delving deep in memory, but I think OHL stood for Oregon Highway League, an advocacy group that lobbied for good roads. I think it went by other names earlier and had roots in the 19th century.

  3. I see no wires for the electric bus line, weren’t they gone in 1956? Would even more like to see the tracks for the Rose City street car line ~

  4. Sylvia I would assume it is Midgets Motel. Look at the left hand letters trailing down from the ‘M’ in motel.

  5. LAUREL is correct.
    The motel was Midgets Motel and occupied that corner for many years. People of all sizes stayed there.

  6. I don’t think they ever changed the population number on any of the signs until they disappeared in the the wholesale annexation of large areas of east county. They all read around 38x,xxx that I remember.

  7. The wires for the trolley buses start at the top of the crest and go west. Yes they were still running on Sandy Blvd after 1956.

  8. I remember the electric trolley buses on Sandy as a kid in the ’50s. Did they only run out as far as 82nd near the city limits? Going east from 82nd on Sandy Blvd. towards the Gorge you passed through the small community of Park Rose, parts of which later incorporated as Maywood Park.

  9. The building that once was a Piggly Wiggly is still there at NE 80th and Failing st. The Piggly Wiggly name is visible under the white paint on the wall facing Failing st. It’s barely possible to make it out on google street view.

  10. Thanks, Sylvia, for the 1934 photo link, where I see on the far right side the Midgets Auto Camp store featuring cigars, candy, Coca-Cola, and groceries for weary travelers coming into Portland on Hwy. 30. Also, neat photo of the Sandy Blvd. streetcar on the horizon in the center of the photo. Love the photo!

  11. The old Shriner’s hospital used to creep me out. It looked quite sinister to me, something you might see in a horror movie. I wasn’t sorry to see it finally demolished.

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