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  1. Was this before the Rhinelander? I never went to Sylvia’s but I loved her television ads. Nostalgia overtakes me.

  2. Working as a waiter at the Rheinlander had to pay big money. Big tips every night plus free food. Life was good.

  3. Best I can tell from the Google, Der Rheinlander opened in 1963, the year this photograph was taken. But that building (with the 7 Up ad on the side) across the street from Sylvia’s doesn’t resemble Der Rheinlander. In fact, it looks like it has columns on the front. So what was in that building, and was it torn down or remodeled?

  4. This post is timely for me because I just the other day was wondering about the old sign brackets on top of Laurelwood Brewing. Now I know: it held the sign for Sylvia’s.

  5. Some of the “old timers” at my post office station tell me about Sylvia’s. It was the local Letter Carrier post-work haunt for many years apparently. Amazingly this picture was taken 4 years before our “ancient” Rose City Park Post Office was built in 1967 (the plaque our front was even has a dedication by JFK). It would be just out of focus in this photo at the corner of NE Sandy and 50th.

  6. Hi,
    Someone has the Sylvia’s truck, red with hand-painted logo on each side, phone number, etc. A pre-1980 vehicle. I used to see it around town, after Sylvia’s closed.


  7. I believe Der Rheinländer restaurant opened in 1966 under chef and new owner Horst Mager. Mager previously worked as the chef at the same location (5305 NE Sandy) when it was known as “Maria’s Restaurant” specializing in Swedish and German cuisine. The owners of Maria’s (in business since at least 1950) were Anders and Maria Kald. Mager and his backers substantially renovated the exterior and interior of the building (maybe in the 1980s?) shown in the 1963 photo to create a charming, but faux Germanic look. I think the building’s “columns” appearing in this VP photo are probably second-story bay windows that were incorporated into the old Rheinlander’s facade. The site is now occupied by the new Portland Clinic.

  8. I got the date for Der Rheinlander’s opening from the 2016 stories about its closing, which stated it was 53-years-old (which would make its opening year as 1963). I can’t find any Oregonian stories about its opening, though. Interesting to hear, though, about Maria’s Restaurant which was still at 5035 NE Sandy Blvd. at least through 1965. Indeed, the first story I found in the Oregonian referencing Horst Mager and Der Rheinlander was March 17, 1966.

    Thanks for the info on the bay windows, Richard. I can see that now when I zoom in on the building.

  9. When I was a kid I went to a Scandinavian restaurant on Sandy, and wondered what happened to it. Glad to find out about Maria’s Restaurant. My fondest memory of Der Rheinlander is taking my daughter there for her 16th birthday, and the accordianist played a song for her.

  10. That is my father’s grocery store on the left. Bell’s Food Center. Grant Bell owned and worked it almost everyday from 1952 to 1968. He carried accounts and made deliveries. It was a wonderful supportive neighborhood for a small grocery store. I spent many hours there and have fond memories. He was a hard worker and provided well for our family. Horst and Sylvia came over often to get last minute supplies for their restaurants.

  11. I loved Sylvia’s, one of my absolute favorite Portland restaurants! I loved Sylvia herself, she was an extremely nice person.

  12. 15 cent wash, 5 cent dry. I haven’t seen one of these in many, many years. Do they still exist? My town had a couple, but they closed decades ago.

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