23 thoughts on “NE Columbia Boulevard, 1973

  1. Man has that street changed there. Wider, curbs both sides, Roake’s, and the bikini coffee shack out front.

  2. I grew up just up the street on the left. This is when they just started widening this section of Columbia blvd. I almost forgot how many houses were along this street. I still miss the Bugerville that was there.

  3. One of my first jobs was working at NW Motor Welding around the corner on NE 14th Pl and Argyle. We ate lunch at that Burgerville 3x/week. The other days we used to go to the A&W down the street (long gone also). We repaired cylinder heads. Wheeling those 400 pound heads on a little hand truck was a little dicey sometimes, esp when you hit a chunk of something on the floor that chocked the wheel suddenly. I saw a guy lose 2 fingers one day.

  4. There used to be another nursery on Columbia Blvd next to the old A&W. I think it was called Woodlawn Nursery. That’s going way to back to early 80’s.

  5. Interstate Heavy Hauling had their yard just off of Columbia and 21st. It’s ether moving a piece of equipment in or sending it out.

  6. Woodlawn Nursery used to have 1930s car sitting under its carport for decades.
    Last I saw the Woodlawn nursery sign was for sale in one of the local building salvage shops. Forgot which one..

  7. Just a little farther east was Frankies Market. It stayed open all night. Did my shopping on my way home from working at Nicolai Door swing shift. It was quite convenient. Sometime would grab something to eat at the Burgerville on my way to work

  8. Mmmmm…. Green Slushies! Frankies Market was a great hole in the wall quickie market. Not many markets in the area, Faloma, Frankies and the one at the trailer park. If we had time we would go to Freddys on union.

  9. I applied for a job there when I was 16. Never heard back. Ended up with a bus boy job at Riverside golf and country club. Saw Laurence Welk, Dee Andros, Barney Keep among others. Keep and Andros got drunk and were loud. For those not in the know…Keep was a popular disc jockey, Andros was OSU’s football coach.

  10. KK…that car was a model A. They used to sell guns illegally on the midnight shift at Frankie’s. Friend of mine worked there and would steal cigarettes for all of us.(Misspent youth). We would sit in that parking lot till someone would agree to buy us beer. All of us guys turned out all right. (I think LOL).

  11. Cody, Thanks for the Rambler, I was referring to the vehicle behind that. I believe Marc is correct. My guess was a crane or military tank.

  12. that burger ville is roakes now i go there great food low price lot of food !!
    that sign is so cool !

  13. Wow! Had no idea Columbia Blvd used to be this narrow. It actually looks like a typical Portland “street” back then. When was it widened? Interesting to see that Roake’s used to be a Burgerville and Bernie’s Terryaki at 1012 NE Columbia used to be an A&W, prior to the lane widening… I guess the advent of the highway killed the neighborhood vibe.

  14. The name kind of sounds familiar but there were 350 people working at Nicolai and the turnover was a lot. From 1945 to 1987 7,000 people were employed by them but only 300-450 at one time. It was a place that you would mention that you worked there at a bar or a party and someone would almost always say I have a relative or know someone who works there or worked there at one time

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