8 thoughts on “Cathedral Park, 1973

  1. A very look-but-don’t-touch kind of scene. Such a shame we imagined the river as some kind of toilet where everything would magically disappear downstream.

  2. @ John Rettig — thanks for that link. When I read that it was involved with creosote, my first thought was how bad it must have smelled around there. Your link led to some interesting facts, including this one:

    Soils, groundwater, and sediment have been contaminated with polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs, comprising est. 85% of the creosote), PCP, arsenic, chromium, copper, zinc, and dioxins/furans.

  3. John Retting. This is not the area to which you are refering. The site you are refering to is 121 degrees and .93 nautical miles up stream.

  4. I see the GasCo building clock tower across the river but it’s too far away, I can’t tell what time the picture was taken.

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