8 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1962

  1. I’m gonna hazard a guess and say that Electro Maid is now Element Lounge with the lounge being remodeled and the lower part of the sign still intact. Looks like the homes and gas station succumbed to the apt complex.

  2. Edge Lord:
    Thanks for pointing this out. I live near here and couldn’t place the view.
    Yes the big complex wiped out a lot on this corner.

  3. Is this view looking east, or west? If west, the Electro Maid could be on the corner of 60th and Burnside, or perhaps where Donut Queen is located. Just guessing here…

  4. The 1960 Portland City Directory shows the Electro Maid business at 5827 East Burnside, the current address of the Element Lounge

  5. Yes, 59th Street turns left there in front of the lounge, coming from downtown heading east. I used to live at the end of the street on 59th in an apartment building. Up ahead to the right on 60th is a 7-11.

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