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  1. Val might be getting warm. The I-5 sign is a clue that we’re looking north. But the road narrowing to one lane beyond the intersection is vexing. Wish I had time to work on it.

  2. The photo was taken from 20 or 30 yards south the intersection of SW Capitol Highway and Huber, looking generally north toward SW Barbur. The Exxon Station was owned by Bob Weber if I recall correctly, and has since changed hands. At this precise moment it is being rebuilt. The area occupied in the photo is currently a Starbucks (isn’t everything?).

    Thanks — these photos are always welcome.

    Fred Keast

    > WordPress.com

  3. Isn’t Mr. Wrench where the old Rocket Gas station used to be? Isn’t that triangular divider in the street still there and isn’t the Exon station where McDonald’s is now?

  4. I drive through the intersection at Capitol Hwy and Barbur every day and this just doesn’t look like it to me. The grade of the road is wrong, IMHO and the bridges should be apparent in this photo. But I honestly can’t think of better suggestion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. alli know is that i had one of those 5-window 1/2 tons and it was the greatest vehicle ever, babbet-pounder motor, huck brakes and all.
    sure wish i still had it.

  6. I recognized this the minute I saw the picture. I went to PCC Sylvania starting in 1969. Only ST and SS buildings were built and the parking lots were not paved and not much gravel either. Everyone wore boots the winter of ’69-70 because you had to walk through a sea of mud. This is the intersection of Capitol Hwy and Barbur Blvd looking north and Huber the street north of the Exxon station. I drove this road 5 days a week and bought all my gas at the Rocket station. I used to make it from 33rd on ramp to PCC in 15 min or less. Little traffic and 70 mph speed limit made this possible. .

  7. After playing in Google Maps, I agree with Fred above. This is looking north on Capitol Hwy with Barbur crossing just behind that school bus. The bridge railing can just be made out on the opposite side of Barbur. The Exxon site is now occupied by a Walgreens.

  8. Northbound SW capitol highway at the intersection of SW Huber Street.On the horizon Markham annex grade school. Inside joke I am old enough to have gone to every one of those filling stations.

  9. I agree that this is Capitol Highway looking north toward the intersection with Barbur. I can’t figure out what that building is on the right side of Capitol that looks like a school. It has lots of windows. It is not there now. Does anyone know what that was?

  10. Carter, thanks for pointing out that building on the right that looks like a school, because I suddenly realized that’s the old Edwin Markham School (aka West Portland School), torn down many years ago. I attended kindergarten and first grade in that old school in 1952-1954. It was a very old school even when I was there. The new Markham School, built around 1951, was up the hill, up Capitol Hwy. south of Barbur. That’s why the old school was called the Markham “Annex,” It’s great to see a photo of that old school again, even though it’s in the distance.

  11. I forwarded this photo to a few of my 1979 Grant grad pals; I thought this was a photo of Barbur, but 3 friends independently suggested it was Canyon Rd pointing to the freeway entrance.

  12. Capital highway and barber blvd?

    On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 9:27 AM Vintage Portland wrote:

    > Vintage Portland posted: “Can anyone tell us the location of this image? > The image was taken circa 1979. ” >

  13. this is 168th and halsey ive seen that rocket sing there lived here for 30 years thers a
    pubplic storage across the way i dove past ther a lot i love you old images whish i could go back in time to see portland then !!!!

  14. It’s Northbound Capitol Highway just south of Barbur. In the background is an I-5 North sign that is pointing down SW Huber St to the ramp to I-5 North.

  15. West Portland Lumber on the right, this side of Barbur, across from Rocket, in the foreground of Markham Annex, if no one has pointed that out yet.

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