8 thoughts on “Willamette River, 1915

  1. Is it the lighting or does part of this look like it’s under water? Remember a lot of fun times skating there in the 60’s. Used to get run over a lot because I didn’t skate fast enough. They used to do something at the end of the session called the ‘whip’. They always put me on the very end so I would get swung around the fastest. Scared me! And I remember the pipe organ.

  2. Susan – the wavy floor is still there daring the brave to test their skill.
    Resuming this Saturday is the Kids’ Morning Skate, with group instruction, inexpensive private instruction usually available, and parent/guardian’s admission included with the $7.50 kids admission.
    We were there so often last year that my young ‘un got burned out.

  3. So that’s why all those pilings on and near the beach are there. It looks like a good deal of the park was over the water. It also looks like there has been a lot of fill on the east side of the park.

  4. @ Barbara. It’s certainly a high water time. Notice how Oaks Bottom is completely flooded. This is why the floor of the roller rink at Oaks Park is built on top of flotation devices (barrels, I think).

  5. I recall hearing that the Vanport Flood of 1948 ruined the floor. The replacement was put on barrels, so the floor could be cut loose in later floods such as the Christmas Week Flood in 1964. Hence the short strips of wood around the edges.

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