13 thoughts on “Reservoir 6, 1911

  1. The managerial guy in front looks like Billy Jack. I wouldn’t want to disappoint that guy with shoddy work or showing up late on the job site.

  2. A lot has changed since 1911 but individuals are still tieing that rebar together with steel wire. I wonder how specialized that crew was, I think most were carpenters for the formwork but maybe they performed both tasks.
    Can anyone explain how the vertical chains and tightening wheels work in the process?

  3. Interesting that they’re all wearing hats of a far different nature than the hardhats such a crew would be wearing nowadays!

  4. 4th from left guy and guy on right are figuring out best place in concrete to entomb mr. suit. guy on extreme left is taking a practice swing.

  5. That building is the outflow gatehouse, The crew is building the wall between N.&S. sections.
    Those chains & wheels are what operate the clapper valves over the outflow pipes.
    Clapper valves are simple and less expensive than gatevalves. They swing inward to the reservoir. When shut, waterpressure keeps them tight.

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