10 thoughts on “Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1905

  1. are you sure that’s not a photo of the airport mall?
    interesting that they had an egyptian theme 20 years before carter and king tut made it a craze.
    u ar das was a portland product:

  2. A link from a previous L&C Expo photo has a nice picture of the outside of the Liberal Arts hall, proving it wasn’t really an airport terminal:

  3. Woodard and Clarke are well known to Oregon antique bottle collectors. I have a couple of their bottles. The Woodlark building downtown is associated with them.

  4. I do not understand why no one has tried to make the anniversaries of this exhibition a larger celebration. How can we look forward to the 125th and further out 150th anniversaries an not want to try to bring back the amazement of the time to a modern era.

  5. Actually romanticized Egyptian themes were quite popular around that time due in part to the wild success of Verdi’s opera “Aida,” which had premiered In Cairo’s Khedivial (Royal) Opera House in 1871, and was then performed in opera venues throughout Europe and America. Also in 1905 there was a growing interest in ancient Egyptian archaeology and the increasing excavation of ancient tombs and temples at the turn of the century. In that same year Egyptologist James Henry Breasted published his famous work “A History of Egypt from the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest.” So there was plenty of interest in ancient Egypt at the time

  6. thanks robin! i love how a page ostensibly about recherche des les temps perdue ends up being filled with everything from sociology to baseball.
    and dennis… ‘whoosh!’ 🙂

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