7 thoughts on “Priestley & Mullan Groceries, 1910

  1. The Oregonian, May 13, 1903 under the headline “Two New Corporations” — “S.C. Priestly, S.L. Mullan and John Anderson filed incorporation articles in the County Clerk’s office yesterday of Priestly & Mullan Company, capital stock $4800. The objects are to conduct a grocery and general merchandise company.” (The other corporation was a trust and investment company.)

  2. it’s possible he is standing in corbett, by his store

    the 1908 sanborn v2 #167 shows his store on the corner facing north, but that back extension should be 2 stories, and the house behind him, while resembling a house on the sanborn, seems too far from the road.

  3. @tomjones — 2 seconds (literally!) after VP arrived in my email this morning, an email from New Seasons (grocery) arrived boasting of their tricycle delivery!

  4. Minutiae: The photo may date from about 1900 vice 1910. Schuyler C. Priestley pursued many occupations over his lifetime (1869-1934), but it looks like he and Simon L. Mullan (1873-1956) ran their grocery business around this earlier date, according to city directories. In the 1890s Schuyler was a “wood hauler” and fruit grower in Milwaukie, a carpenter in 1918 while his wife Hattie managed apt. bldgs. He even worked at Olds and King dept. store for a while. In later years he managed a real estate loan office on E. Burnside. He and family lived all over Portland, while Mullan stuck close to his roots in Milwaukie where his family owned a farm since the 1870s.

  5. Regarding wl’s question about the last planked road that was pulled up, if we can count bridges, that might well be the wooden deck of the Thurman Street bridge across Macleay Creek, which was replaced with steel and concrete in 2014.

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