Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program, 1963

Group of children posing for photo, 1963. This image comes from the Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program slides. Does anyone recognize the location?


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2010-003.4389.


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11 thoughts on “Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program, 1963

  1. i want to guess incorrectly that this is the entrance to the commercial / haight alley where it meets failing.

    Its easy to limit this down for example
    – only streets between I5 and Vancouver then Freemont to skidmore have alleys.
    – fewer have two houses facing the street between the alley and the next block
    – you can see a Foursquare on the next corner facing the camera
    – second house down is not a foursquare as you can see the roof line at the top of the picture.
    – the tree line could be unthank park

  2. The smiles, the camaraderie, the fun they seem to be having, and one little girl looks to be jumping for joy. 🙂

  3. If it misses the point for a house to back up to an alley but still be fronted by utility poles, then at least it’s a clue.

  4. I think I may know one reason these kids look so happy. I clicked on the Efiles link and it gives the date as Oct. 31, 1963. In other words, Halloween. They are probably just hours away from celebrating one of the best days of the year!

  5. Everything matches up with PMC’s guess except for the trees on the left, one block east of the park. They seem really large for such a small parking strip and judging from the age of the current trees and the sidewalk. I don’t think they ever grew there and the cement stairs behind the jumping girl are at grade in this photo and the stairs there now are definitely elevated with and old railing in them. The trees seem really green for Halloween too.

  6. Most utility poles have a street address just like anything else.
    Usually that number is facing the street of its address.

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