14 thoughts on “NE Union Avenue, 1926

  1. I believe that some of them are still there, remodeled as part of a motel right side over the hill on MLK.

  2. The Oregonian, September 3, 1922: “Portland Auto Camp Receives Visit from Exceptionally Fine House-Car” “Many kinds of automobiles, rigged in varied style, drive into Portland’s noted tourist grounds near Peninsula Park, and this is a sample (photo). The house car of Harry Reiber of Boulder, Colo., is thought to be the finest house car ever to visit the auto grounds here. It is built on a Reo truck chassis, and received its decorations prior to a parade in Boulder, where it attracted considerable attention. Mr. Reiber is accompanied by his wife and by his brother William, a veteran of the civil war.”

  3. The Oregonian, August 12, 1921: “350 Tourist Parties at Municipal Camp Ground. About Sixty Automobiles Register at Public Park Between Morning and 4 P.M. — Many Announce Intention of Staying Over the Week-End” “Close to 60 automobiles had registered at the Portland auto camp at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the heaviest day-time registry so far, and O.R. Cady, who was keeping tally, said at that rate 90 would be in before 11 o’clock last night. They were arriving at intervals of a few minutes each at that time, and the late afternoon generally is the busiest time, because tourists start out in the morning with a full day’s drive planned, and as a rule make their objective late.”

    “Most of the new arrivals signified their intentions of remaining over the week-end, and very few of the campers took their departure during the day. There are now at the camping park approximately 350 cars, or allowing an average of four people to each party, which is fair, about 1400 people; an increased of 200 over yesterday…. The park is not crowded as yet but probably it will be before long. New streets may have to be cut soon and camping places marked out….The camp is becoming more and more like a miniature city every day.”

  4. In 1924 my father at less than a year old came to Portland, OR in a house car built by my grandfather. The whole family(my father and his parents and sister, his paternal grandparents and his uncle) was moving to Oregon from Iowa. It took them over a month to make the trip and I think they stayed at this auto camp when they got here.

  5. These auto camps must have been very popular and somewhat wide spread as I’m aware of two, in places I’ve lived in California. One in Davis, CA (were apts in the 1980’s, now?) and the other on The Lost Coast near Petrolia, CA (still operating as a auto park).

  6. First, let me say that I was born and grew up in the Portland Mobile Home Park. I lived there from 1968 to 1992. As I look at the photo i see a large dike in the distant background. Assuming this 1929 photo was taken pointing east on gertz road, there were no large dikes that far away. I believe that this was taken of the cottages on the other side of Union, where the parking lot for the paddock of Portland Meadows currently resides. If the date is accurate then it was taken 15+ years before Meadows opened. This also places it a good 8+ years before Portland Speedway was built. But, i’m just a fifty year old fool that probably has no idea what he’s talking about.

  7. @ John Winn: You might be right… from the casting of the shadows, this photo would have been taken on the west side of NE Union Ave. I think this is the area you’re talking about:

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